Тесты по английскому языку с ответами 301-400 (We’ll discuss all …)

Тесты по английскому языку с ответами 301 — 400

Тесты по английскому языку с ответами 301-400 (We’ll discuss all the problems … …)

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Вопросы 300-400.

301. We’ll discuss all the problems … at the last meeting.

D. raised

302. Be reasonable and don’t go out … this rainy weather

B. in

303. The sun was slowly disappearing … the mountains.

A. behind

304. Have you travelled … ?

E. much

305. This island … two hundred years ago.

C. was discovered

306. Are you going to have … work to do tomorrow?

D. much

307. If you have got the flu you … go to see a doctor.

B. must

308. Let me … you.

e. help

309. They didn’t have time to come to see you, …?

C. did they

310. I … hardly recognize him when I saw him.

d. could

311. What will you do if he …?

B. is late

312. I wonder if he … in time or not.

A. will come

313. He was asked what TV shows he … watching.

E. liked

314. They asked my friend how well he … his winter holiday.

C. had spent

315. What … do you want to pack?

A. else

316. If you want to pack many things, take … suitcase.

d. another

317. They … at the table when I began to tell this story.

b. were sitting

318. He asked me … his mother about it.

E. not to tell

319. It was … a comfortable flat.

D. such

320. The article is … difficult.

A. so

321. Yesterday was the … day in my life.

A. happiest

322. This room is much … than that one.

A. comfortable

323. If you get off at the next stop you’ll get to the University … .

B. quicker

324. It often … here.

A. rains

325. I hope it … for you to listen to him.

C. will be interesting

326. … of them told me to come.

E. None

327. Could you tell me … about this writer’s life?

E. anything

328. What’s the name of the student … a report now.

E. making

329. … the language I couldn’t understand anything

A. not knowing

330. Nobody wanted to go … .

B. anywhere

331. Nothing could make him … this advice.

E. follow

332. I don’t know how important the news … .

A. is

333. … she nor her sister came to the party.

D. neither

334. I go to the college. – …

D. so does he

335. We’ll be glad to see you. – … .

A. so am I

336. We haven’t finished our work yet. – … .

D. neither has he

337. They aren’t going to work tomorrow. – … .

B. nor are we

338. Don’t worry. … Nick or Peter knows his address.

C. either

339. What is the name of the man … on the phone now.

E. speaking

340. … in London for about a week, I could tell them many interesting things.

E. staying

341. The news … yesterday impressed everybody.

b. received

342. I think he … many questions when he stops speaking.

A. will be asked

343. All the letters … by 5 o’clock.

D. will have been written

344. What … on the other side of the river now.

C. is being built

345. Here is … man you wanted to talk to.

B. the

346. … Browns haven’t come yet.

E. The

347. When we met on … Friday, Peter told me everything.

A. –

348. I wondered what … .

D. they were laughing at

349. Do you feel … now?

B. better

Тесты с ответами, Англия

350. I’ll let you … when he will come.

C. know

351. I don’t mind … helping you.

A. –

352. In this season there is only one way of getting there – … plane.

E. by

353. After looking … all the magazines, he came across a very interesting article about England.

B. through

354. He sat in the hall … taking off his coat.

D. without

355. I’ll go there … two days.

E. in

356. What is the reason … your being so upset.

C. –

357. I invited him … my place.

B. to

358. I am very much pleased … the progress you have made lately.

C. with

359. Why didn’t you mention the fact then? I … come and helped you.

E. would have

360. If he … more, he would succeed in setting a record.

E. trained

361. A new town … to be built in this area.

A. is supposed

362. Zhukovskiy … to have been a wonderful lecturer and teacher.

C. is known

363. We saw him … along the opposite side of the street.

D. walking

364. Children … go to bed early.

B. must

365. I … to be there at 5 o’clock

E. am

366. You (не должен был) do it yesterday.

B. didn’t have to

367. You (не следует) tell her about it.

A. shouldn’t

368. He hasn’t done the work … .

A. yet

369. What … books by Jack London did you read?

C. other

370. I thought you … busy now.

B. were

371. He will work at the plant after he … school.

C. leaves

372. I didn’t know that your friend … for a holiday without you.

E. would go

373. he told me … this work today.

A. not to do

374. Let’s go to the theatre together, … ?

D. shall we

Тесты с ответами, США
Соединенные Штаты Америки (США) — штаты и основные города на современной карте

375. I … the house in ten minutes.

d. am leaving

376. The girl … usually works at this desk is on holiday now.

B. who

377. The cable … has just arrived is very important.

D. which

378. … of you has seen a TV interview today?

C. which

379. What’s the … way to the station?

E. shortest

380. Do you feel … today? No, doctor! I feel better.

A. worse

381. Which design is …?

D. most more modern

382. Let’s go by air. It’s … .

D. much more convenient

383. The problem is … than you think.

B. more important

384. We … tennis from five till seven yesterday.

E. were playing

385. I hope we … to settle everything in the near future.

A. will be able

386. How long … it take you to do this work.

D. does

387. Will you come back soon? – … 10 minutes.

B. in

388. We didn’t find … there.

D. anybody

389. … of us will help you to adjust the machine.

A. some

390. It never … here.

E. snows

391. Go straight until you … to the traffic lights.

C. get

392. If it … dry and sunny, we’ll go to the country.

D. keeps

393. Do you agree that twenty-four hours isn’t … to do we all have to do.

A. enough

394. If it … , we’ll go to the country.

B. doesn’t rain

395. If I … you I wouldn’t waste so much time on it.

E. were

396. You would make better progress if you … harder.

D. worked

397. We … so much time yesterday if everybody had come in time.

C. wouldn’t have wasted

398. If I had known he was ill, I … him.

E. would have visited

399. All the documents always … in order.

B. are kept

400. The house … now.

A. is being built now




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