Тест по английскому языку с ответами 200-300 (We … to the theatre …)

Тесты по английскому языку с ответами 201 — 300

Тесты по английскому языку с ответами 200-300 (We … to the theatre tonight …)

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Вопросы 200-300

201. We … to the theatre tonight.

B. are going

202. Look! It’s Francis! I … him for ages.

D. haven’t seen

203. I couldn’t see what everybody … at.

E. was staring

204. As soon as my brother … school he is going to join the army.

A. leaves

205. Don’t let the children … too much ice cream.

C. eat

206. I saw him last week, but I … since then.

E. haven’t seen

207. When the house … , it will look different.

A. is painted

208. If you … me about it earlier, I will help you straight away.

A. told

209. Could you make him … singing?

C. stop

210. At this time tomorrow I … in the lake.

D. will be swimming

211. The printing press … in the fifteenth century.

B. was invented

212. May I go out and play in the street? – You … . It’s dangerous to play in the street.

A. mustn’t

213. This letter … immediately.

E. must be sent

214. If you … to the station now, you would find him there.

B. go

215. The boy … the letter, if you had given it to him yesterday.

E. would have sent

216. They asked him how long it … him to do this work yesterday.

A. had taken

217. The longer I look at the picture the … I like it.

B. more

218. I spend … time on my work if I work hard in class.

D. less

Тесты с ответами, Англия

219. He was asked if he … any foreign languages.

E. knew

220. My husband works too hard. I wish he … his job.

B. loved

221. At the hotel there were neither showers … bath tubs.

A. nor

222. He hardly … any work.

C. does

223. If John weren’t rich, he … his last holiday in Vegas.

C. didn’t spend

224. Young people talk very loudly, … makes their parents mad.

E. it

225. An average family has … children now than before the war.

B. fewer

226. World War II is known … the most cruel in history.

E. to be

227. Let’s meet at 5:30. I … work by then.

C. will have finished

228. I’d rather … English.

D. speak

229. World War II is known … the most cruel in history.

A. to be

230. I’d rather … English.

E. speak

231. If he … us a lift, we wouldn’t have had to take a taxi.

D. had given

232. Would you mind … the window? I can’t bear the cold.

B. closing

233. Who is going … at the meeting?

C. to speak

234. He … he liked the city.

E. said

235. He … me the story of his life.

A. told

236. He doesn’t always … the truth.

C. tell

237. Let them … the letter.

B. answer

238. Please, tell your son … .

A. not to go out

239. I asked him where he … .

C. came from

240. She told me … tomorrow as she wouldn’t be there.

E. not to come

241. My friend was so busy yesterday, that he … to the country with me.

D. couldn’t go

242. Moscow is … city in Russia.

A. the largest

243. No news … good news.

A. are

244. Where did you buy this watch. The watch … very good.

D. is

245. Here you are! We … about you for an hour.

B. have been talking

246. I don’t allow … to take my calculator.

D. anybody

247. This man is never afraid of … .

C. anything

248. Can you hear … ?

A. anything

249. … our success depend on all these changes?

B. Does

250. Why isn’t the new model … reliable as the old one?

E. as

251. He asked me … to make all the necessary calls.

A. not to forget

252. The story … in several magazines lately.

C. has been published

253. I … for my telephone book for over an hour.

C. have been looking

254. Why does he look so … ?

A. worried

255. After Adam … to the adults, he turned to me and said: ………………………

C. spoke

256. I … you everything frankly, but you were away on business then.

A. would tell

257. When I went into the cinema, a new film … .

C. was being shown

258. This matter … at once.

D. must be considered

259. … and don’t go out in this raining weather when you have the flu.

E. Be reasonable

260. “He … to make the journey!” “What’s a pity!”

A. isn’t able

261. Money … for buying and selling goods.

A. is used

262. Thus, we can only … about how money first came into use.

B. speculate

263. Throughout history several metals … as commodity money, including copper and iron.

E. were used

264. Our new TV-set came with a … on all electrical component

A. ninety-days warranty

265. She used … very beautiful when she was young.

B. to be

266. Hundreds of house and … buildings have been destroyed by the tropical storm.

A. other

267. Ask him what … films they saw at the festival.

E. other

268. We didn’t know his address. – …

D. neither did he

269. I am right, …?

E. amn’t I

270. I’m sorry, I don’t know … about it.

C. much

271. I spend … time on my work if I work hard in class.

E. less

272. The sooner you come the … .

B. better

273. Neither Frank … Peter could answer my question.

A. nor

274. Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith don’t speak to … . They had had an arrangement yesterday.

E. each other

275. They will bring books if they come, …?

C. won’t they

276. Let’s go home. There’s … interesting here.

B. nothing

277. When we met on Friday, Peter told me that he … me up the day before.

A. had rung

278. Have you ever been … England?

D. to

279. It has stopped raining after people … without umbrellas.

D. are walking

280. The train will already have left … the time we come to the station.

B. by

281. He didn’t blame me … anything.

D. for

282. You should tell … me the truth.

A. –

283. Let’s go … home together.

D. –

284. I wonder what street … in?

B. he lives

285. Shall I answer … the letters now?

E. –

286. Did you go … yesterday?

A. anywhere

287. If you work at your English, you will be able to speak well … two years.

C. in

288. She sat … .

D. smiling

289. … an answer he wrote a letter again.

B. Not having received

290. I think Peter is cross … me.

E. with

291. … the conductor nor the porter took any notice of Mark Twain.

E. Neither

292. They walked on and on … of the rain.

C. in spite of

293. … Mr. Winkle fell on the ice, he didn’t hurt himself.

B. though

294. The woman pointed … a large building at the corner.

D. to

295. You can wait … there.

A. over

296. Our party has been fixed … next Saturday.

B. for

297. Do fares increase … ?

E. with

298. Do you often travel … business?

A. on

299. When … the book?

E. was published

300. The woman answered that she … two return tickets.

C. wanted




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