Тест с ответами по английскому языку (on the bridge he watched …)

Тест с ответами по грамматике английского языка (on the bridge he watched boats going up …)

Рубрика: Английский язык



1… on the bridge he watched boats going up and down the river.

A stood

B being stood

C standing +

D having stood

2…. tired I could hardly work.

A Be

B Being +

C Been

D To be

3… the theatre the people were talking about the play.

A Left

B Leaving +

C To live

D To be left

4. While …. the students’ test-papers, the teacher underlined the mistakes with a red pencil.

A corrected

B correcting +

C having corrected

D being corrected

5. I can’t help …., I caught a cold yesterday.

A sneeze

B sneezed

C have sneezed

D sneezing +

6. Why are you looking …. me?

A at +

B —

C on

D to

7. How is she getting …. at school?

A of

B —

C on +

D in

Тесты с ответами, Англия

8. It took Tom five minutes to climb ….. the tree.

A of

B to

C at

D — +

9. She seemed ……. to herself.

A to be speaking +

B to be spoken

C to have spoken

D spoken

10.The austronaut is reported ….. in the evening.

A landing

B landed

C being landed

D to have landed +

11. They heard the door ….. up.

A push

B being pushed +

C pushed

D to be pushed

12. He is believed ….. a student with a bright future.

A being

B to be +

C been

D having been

13. Do you know whose work they … .

a) discussed

b) discuss

c) are discussing

d) were discussing +

14. He has a great _______ of books.

a) amount

b) number +

c) deal

15.He angrily grabbed a stone and ___________ it into the sea.

a) tossed

b) hurled +

c) flung

16. He is content ________ his salary

A) with +

B) about

C) in

17. — What’s that strange sound in the kitchen? — It’s the tap. It _________

a) is seeping

b) is poursing

c) is leaking +

18. He’s accustomed ______ in povery

A) to live +

B) to living

C) for living

19. The last drop makes ___.

a) the cup run over +

b) the cup running over

c) the cup to run over

20.Betty felt ___ to tremble.

A) her hands begin +

B) her hands to begin

C) her hands to beginning

21.…. Heathrow airport is the biggest in London.

a) A

b) The

c) An

d) —- +

Тесты с ответами, Англия

22. He answered he … when he … the answer.

a) Will phone, knows

b) Would phone, knew +

c) Would phone, would know

d) Will phone, would know

23.We expect the Chinese delegation ____ tomorrow.

A) leaving

B) to leaving

C) to leave +

24.Mr. Jones tries to explain that he … his secretary since Tuesday.

a) Hadn’t seen +

b) Hadn’t been seeing

c) Didn’t see

d) Hasn’t seen

25. Just a minute. I … if she’s in.

a) Am asking

b) Will ask +

c) Ask

d) Am going to ask

26.There were few people on the platform. All who … … their seats.

A) travelled/took

B) travel/take

C) were travelling/had taken +

D) were travelling/have taken

E) were travelling/will take

27.Charles denied __________ the window.

A) to breaking

B) break

C) to break +

D) breaking

28.My honeymoon was great! I remember __________ Mount Vesuvius.

A) to climb

B) to climbing

C) climbing +

D) climb

29.Clara suggested __________ a light meal at a café.

A) eat

B) to eat +

C) eating

D) to eating

30. They heard the door …. up.

A push

B being pushed

C pushed +

D to be pushed





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