Тест с ответами по английскому языку Времена глаголов (My friends …)

Тест с ответами по английскому языку на тему Времена глаголов (My friends ___ in a country house …)

Рубрика: Английский язык



1. My friends ___ in a country house.

a)​ live+

b)​ lives

c)​ is lived

d)​ are lived

2. The sun ___ in the West.

a) set

b) sets+

c) are set

d) is set

3. A green traffic lights ___ “Go”.

a) mean

b) means+

c) are meant

d) is meant

4. He is too shy, so he ___ to anybody.

a) isn’t talking

b) don’t talk

c) doesn’t talks+

d) aren’t talking

5. Do you ___ where the library is?

a) knows

b) known

c) know+

d) knowing

6. My father ___ lots of money on his car.

a) is spending

b) spends+

c) are spending

d) spend

7. Martin never ___ me on weekends.

a) is calling

b) call

c) calls+

d) are calling

8. ___ a break at work?

a) Are you having

b) Do you have+

c) Is you having

d) Does you have

9. I ___ too much black tea.

a) drinks

b) am drinking

c) are drinking

d) drink+

10. The shop always ___ on time.

a) opens+

b) is opening

c) are opening

d) open

11. I ___ I’ll show you my apartment.

a) am promising

b) promise+

c) are promising

d) promises

12. All the companies ___ their goods in Europe.

a) sells

b) are selling

c) is selling

d) sell+

13. Where ___ your friends?

a) is

b) do

c) are+

d) does

14. They ___ computer games on weekends.

a) plays

b) is playing

c) play+

d) are playing

15. My parents ___ to the theatre every month.

a) goes

b) are going

c) go+ Используете AdBlock? Реклама на сайте помогает развивать его Пожалуйста, внесите мой сайт в вайтлист вашего AdBlock плагина

d) is going

16. What ___ usually do every morning?

a) does

b) are

c) do+

d) is

17. Monica often ___ coffee in a cafe.

a) is drinking

b) drinks+

c) drink

d) are drinking

18. A teacher is a person who ___ students.

a) teach

b) is teaching

c) are teaching

d) teaches+

19. Tom ___ very sad.

a) do

b) are

c) is+

d) does

20. All people ___ the right to live.

a) have+

b) has

c) are having

d) is having





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