Чит коды на The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Locate the "general.ini" file in your Witcher 3 directory. 
(Usually "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\base").
In the [General] section, add the line: DBGConsoleOn=true 
Save the file and launch the game. Once in-game press the [~] (tilde) 
key to bring up the console. From here you can type various options 
for the effects listed below.
Cat(1)             - Activate night vision.
additem (name, #)  - Add any specified item and quantity to inventory. 
                     Also works for Gwent cards..
addmoney (#)       - Add crowns.
addgwintcards      - Adds one of all Gwent cards to deck..
addexp (#)         - Adds specified amount of experience points.
Cat(0)             - Deactivate night vision.
ShowPins(1)        - Discover all map icons.
ShowAllFT(1)       - Discover all signposts.
setbeard(1)        - Grow beard.
levelup            - Increase player level by 1.
god                - Invincibility.
killall            - Kill all enemies.
learnskill (skill) - Learn any skill desired. 
                     Re-entering command will increase skill level.
secretgwint        - Play a round of Gwent.
Ciri               - Play as Ciri.
Geralt             - Play as Geralt.
healme             - Refill HP.
removemoney (#)    - Remove crowns.
shave              - remove facial hair.
setlevel (#)       - Set player level to any level desired.
spawn (name, #)    - Spawn any specified NPCs.
makeitrain         - Starts rainstorm.
stoprain           - Stops rainstorm.
gotoKaerMorhen     - Teleport to Kaer Morhen.
gotoNovigrad       - Teleport to Novigrad.
gotoSkellige       - Teleport to Skellige Isles.
gotoPrologWinter   - Teleport to White Orchard.
gotoProlog         - Teleport to White Orchard.
winGwint(#)        - Win current Gwent game with specified num

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