Чит коды на BioShock Infinite

Чит коды на BioShock Infinite (PC)

Unlock 1999 Difficulty Mode:
Using a keyboard/mouse, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left,
Right, (Cancel Key), (Confirm Key) to unlock 1999 mode without having to
complete the other modes first.

Unlimited Money Cheat:
Location: Mid-way through the campaign, at "The Hall of Heroes" area. 
At the right side of "The Hall of Heroes" is a vending machine that 
you can use your Possession skill on again and again, in effect 
giving you unlimited money! To use Possession more than once on 
the same machine, you'll need to enter the big door between 
the two adjacent areas in front of "The Hall of Heroes" 
to both refill your Magic and then return to the previous area again 
to reset the area. This allows you to Re-Possess the same vending 
machine an unlimited number of times until you have enough money.

Infinite money and lockpicks:
In the "Return To The Hall Of Heroes" chapter (approximately two hours 
into the game), immediately after exiting the Hall Of Heroes and 
going down two sets of stairs, possess the Dollar Bill vending machine 
on the left side, and take the 40 Silver Eagles. Then, go down another 
set of stairs, and use the right Sky-Line. Jump onto the platform on the
right from the Sky-Line, and grab the lockpick on a wooden plank under 
the stairs. Next, return to the Hall Of Heroes, and refill your salts 
(if needed) with the Salt machine (can be refilled unlimited times). 
Go back outside, and the Dollar Bill vending machine can be repossessed 
and the lockpick will have respawned. Repeat this process as many times
as desired. Note: If you kill the enemies in front of the Hall Of Heroes, 
they will not respawn, allowing you to keep farming without having to 
deal with the enemies. You should not need to collect more than 30 lockpicks. 
Use the gear that makes you 50% faster after jumping from a Sky-Line 
to make farming faster. There are also a lot of vending machines 
around the entrance to the Hall Of Heroes, allowing you to level 
up your magic and weapons.

Infinite money:
In the "Ticket" building bythe Soldier's Field exit, there are three 
cash registers (two behind a door you must first use a lockpick on) 
that contain up to 40 Silver Eagles each. 
They will respawn every time you enter and exit the area.

All collectible locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all 142 collectibles 
in the game (80 Voxophones, 25 Infusion Upgrades, 37 Telescopes 
and Kinetoscopes). Obtain all 142 collectibles to get the "Eavesdropper", 
"Infused With Greatness", and "Sightseer" achievements. 
Note: You can use chapter select to replay chapters after completing 
the game so you can pick up missing collectibles. However, there is 
no collectible counter per chapter/area, and every time you replay a chapter, 
the collectibles will respawn. Thus, there is no way to tell which ones 
you already found - so try to obtain all collectibles in the correct order.

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