Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

Tips of Scout Class:
* All the Scout class weapons and Gadgets are meant for the long-range kill 
  so you need to find a safe place, from where you can help your teammates.
* You must be aware that enemies can spot your position via flash.
* While using your primary weapon, which is not well suited for medium or close
  range combat, It is better to use your side-arm when moving between targets.
* While using your sidearm, you can't expect to win one on one against a player
  Assault or Medic Class.
* It is not good to stay in a single place, after attacking enemies, keep 
  switching places so that enemies can't sneak up on you.

Hidden Cavalry Sword:
In the "Breakdown" mission in the "Through Mud And Blood" campaign, 
proceed to the French village where you need to collect parts for 
your broken tank. This is the village with the windmill on the hill 
overlooking the town. In the town is a two-story structure with a 
mounted MG turret in the window, directly above a corner door. 
This is a building on the main street, near the edge of town facing 
the windmill. Directly beneath the MG turret is the Cavalry Sword under
a table on the first floor.

Field Manual locations:
Search the indicated locations in the listed campaign to find 
the Field Manuals. There are 20 Field Manuals in the "Through Mud And Blood" 
campaign. Each Field Manual is saved instantly when collected. 
Thus, you can quit out to the main menu immediately without losing any 
progress. You do not have to collect them again when you die and none 
of them are missable. You can view how many Field Manuals you have 
found in each mission and how many are missing under the mission selection 
screen. You can also pause a mission at any time to view your collectible 
progress. Every mission has a Codex Entry for finding all the Field Manuals 
in it.

The World's Tiniest Gun:
Reach Rank 10 in Multiplayer mode to unlock the Kolibri for purchase for 150 
warbonds. The Kolibri is a pocket-sized gun held between the thumb and index 
finger. It fires 2mm bullets, and was (at one point) available commercially 
to the public. The magazine holds 8 rounds. The gun is so small, it cannot 
be held in the palm of your hand. Instead, you have to pinch the pistol's 
grip between the forefinger and thumb to get a grip. There really is no 
other gun quite like it. The 2mm bullets barely inflict any damage to 
your opponents, but you can still earn kills with it. It is more used 
as a novelty taunt, as nobody wants to get killed by the tiniest gun 
in history.

How to Destroy Tanks Easily:
In Battlefield 1, the Assault Class is an anti-vehicle class which has mines, 
AT Grenades, Rocket Guns, Dynamites and other tools which are very useful 
for a tank hunter. First, you need to grab the tool which you know you 
are best with. Like for example, Dynamites, where you need to judge 
the tank's movement before you throw or attack it. Note: Always take 
cover and keep moving in and out to avoid the return fire. Next, you 
can try are the AT Mines which should always be placed in the area that 
leads to the Capture point. This will not only slow them down but also 
drains the nearby enemies health. Lastly, you can use the AT Rocket Gun 
to aim and destroy the mini tanks or half damaged tanks. 
Hint: If you have a Pilot in touch then, coordinate with them and ask 
them to help you with backup.

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